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EDR28 switch mode transformer

Brand : TS
Product origin : Huizhou Guangdong, China
Delivery time : Within 3-14 day after payment
Supply capacity : 120000/m

Product Information

Power phase: single phase

Moisture way: open type

Cooling method: oil immersion from the cold type

Cooling form: dry type

Frequency characteristics: high frequency

Brand: TS

Model: EDR28 switch mode transformer

Winding form: Auto-coupling

Core form: Shell Type

Core shape: EDR

Product Description

EDR28 switch mode transformer in the traditional lighting applications is very common, such as fluorescent lamps, table lamps, energy-saving lamps, advertising lights, and so almost all can use electronic transformers, and the use of electronic transformers, you can save the starter.

EDR28 switch mode transformer with air can be cooled, no insulation oil for isolation, reduce pollution, and easy maintenance, good security, also can make the transformer side of the output of a constant amplitude of the voltage.

EDR28 switch mode transformer Is a kind of electric power electronic transformation technology and electromagnetic induction based on the principle of high-frequency power conversion technology to achieve a power characteristics of electricity into another power characteristics of the static power equipment.

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