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EE25 Horizontal transformer

Brand : TS
Product origin : Huizhou Guangdong, China
Delivery time : Within 3-14 day after payment
Supply capacity : 120000/m

Product Information

Brand: TS

Core form: shell type

Core shape: EE type

Power phase: single phase

Moisture way: open type

Cooling method: oil immersion from the cold type

Cooling form: dry type

Frequency characteristics: high frequency

Model: EE25 Horizontal transformer

Winding form: Auto-coupling

Outline structure: horizontal

Product Applications

EE25 Horizontal transformer are widely used in: computer, liquid crystal display (LED), program-controlled switches, communications equipment, energy-saving lamps and other electronic appliances; air conditioning, microwave ovens and a variety of machinery and electronics, medical and chemical industry, telecommunications and other industries used in a variety of power equipment, Devices and so on.

Product Features:

1, EE25 Horizontal transformer have high magnetic flux density, high permeability, low loss ferrite core.

2, high efficiency, low heat, anti-jamming performance.

3, designed to meet safety standards.

4, EE25 Horizontal transformer with cost-effective.

Electrical Characterstics:

1.Storage Temperature:-40℃- +110℃

2.Operating Temperature range:-10℃- +100℃

3.Switching frequency:15KHz-120KHz

4.Withstanding voltage:1500/3750Vac for 1 minute between primary & secondary

5.Insulation resistance:500Vdc 100MO min.Between primary & secondary.

6.EE25 Horizontal transformer Heat resistance class:E(120℃),B(130℃),F(155℃),H(180℃)

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