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CD33 Power inductor

Brand : TS
Product origin : Huizhou Guangdong, China
Delivery time : Within 3-14 day after payment
Supply capacity : 120000/m

Product information
Type: Inductance Coil
Brand: TS
Model: CD33 Power inductor
Package: Chip inductance
Winding form: single layer around the type
Core shape: I-shaped
Operating frequency: high frequency
Installation: Vertical seal
Skeleton material: other


Product application
CD33 Power inductor Can be used for consumer electronics, medical equipment, computer products and peripherals, network xDSL filters, modems, global positioning systems, DC-DC converters, up / down converters, amplifiers, audio-visual equipment, audio equipment, noise filters , Power supplies, analyzers, monitors, switching regulators, SCR and TRIAC control circuits, automation systems, EMI / RFI control filters, speaker servo networks, input filters, voice processors, SMPS and switch AC adapters, amplifiers, etc.


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